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Responsible Jane provides a way for all of those that benefit  from the largest, fastest growing industry in the US to donate with confidence, support their Local Community and give to Medical Research non-profits across the US.

 “Alone we can accomplish many great things; together we can change the world.”

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Donate with Confidence

While marijuana has been legal here in Colorado for years, many nonprofits won’t accept donations from anyone associated with the cannabis industry.

Research is often required for business owners and vendors, in the industry, to figure out which organizations will accept their donations.  To further complicate this process, most nonprofits will not accept cash.

Responsible Jane is the nonprofit of choice for the cannabis industry because she does the research, finds deserving organizations and acts as a conduit by accepting donations and granting them to other nonprofits for you!

Responsible Jane is a 501(c)(3), with the ability to accept online and cash donations, providing you with the proper documentation you need for your business.

Here’s How Responsible Jane Helps

We are a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to help the cannabis industry give back.

Give Back

Donate with confidence knowing you are making a difference in our community.

Cash Donations

Unlike other 501 (c)(3)’s Responsible Jane accepts cash donations. We’ll even come to you.

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